Hormone Health Services

We are all different. We like to do things in different ways. That’s why I offer different solutions to your health concerns. Read on to find out more about how we can work together to balance your hormones so you can feel and look fantastic!

  • Hormone Health Nutrition, Exercise & Lifestyle Programme

    A six week programme of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle management tailored to you. I’ll design a completely bespoke course of sessions in which you’ll learn how to eat better and exercise in a way that really makes a difference. You’ll also get help in managing your stress and learning how to take better care of yourself.

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  • Nutritional Therapy Consultations

    We all know that what we eat can affect our health. What you put into your body affects it on a cellular level and will influence hormone balance, your immune system, your mental health and even how well you can digest food and extract the goodness from it.

    But do you know what’s right for your body? Do you understand how food affects you? There isn’t one diet or way of eating that suits everyone, and finding out what works for you and what doesn’t is crucial.

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  • Workshops and Retreats

    Relaxed, informative and interactive group workshops and retreats are a great way to deepen your knowledge or kick-start your nutrition education. Partnering with other local experts is how I’m able to bring you more than just nutrition.

    Each workshop will provide a variety of information and practical tools to improve your hormone health and your wellbeing generally.

    Immersing yourself in a day workshop or a weekend retreat of all things yummy, healthy and nourishing for body and mind is a treat you deserve. You’ll come away reenergised, motivated and excited to put in to practice some of the new ideas and information picked up during your workshop or retreat.

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