Workshops & Retreats

You know that eating well and exercising right can bring dramatic improvements to your health and wellbeing. But what if you want more?

Combining my knowledge with other experts is a great way to bring you even more. Bring you fun, information-filled and immersive workshops and retreats is the way to do it.

Please read on to find out more…

Optimum Health Nutrition & Yoga Workshop

A fantastic and unique day of wonderful yoga practice, informative and enlightening nutrition info, healthy snacks & fresh juices and more. You’ll be amazed how we match our nutrition info to our yoga sessions, and you’ll come away feeling refreshed, uplifted, educated and excited to put all you’ve leant into practice!

Happy Healthy Hormones Workshop

A wonderful day of Women’s Health designed to help guide you towards balancing your hormones and taking back control over your own wellbeing. Nutrition information, a lesson in self-massage, pelvic floor exercise instruction, meditation and healthy snacks & fresh juices are some of the delights of this fun and informative day. You’ll come away full of new knowledge and skills that will transform your health and help you balance your hormones.

Feel Amazing Retreat

A fun, energising and relaxing retreat in beautiful Suffolk countryside where you can learn about healthy eating, immerse yourself in yoga and meditation, book a massage treatment, get ideas on how to take better care of yourself, read, walk or simply take time out! You’ll come back energised, de-stressed, bursting with ideas and knowledge, and simply feeling amazing!